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WINYL, hosted by former Rolling Stone staff writer and New York Times Bestselling author Anthony Bozza, explores the crossroads where wine meets music. In each episode, Anthony pairs his guest's favorite record with wine, resulting in an offbeat, educational, in-depth interview. Anthony also checks in with esteemed wine expert Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange ( to get his take on the episode's pairing. Whether his guest is a musician, chef, winemaker, comedian, actor, sommelier, writer, athlete or fellow podcaster, every voice you'll hear on WINYL shares a passion for wine, music and their chosen path in life.

Feb 5, 2019

California winemaker Jeff Cohn sits down with Anthony at the Vintage House in Napa to discuss his career in wine and two of his favorite albums, Steely Dan's Aja and Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, paired with Jeff's 2016 Domaine De Chirats Syrah (a collaboration with Rhone Valley winemaker Yves Cuilleron) and his 2016 Marsanne.

Winyl wine expert Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange gives some background on Jeff's contribution to California wine history as well as his take on the pairings. 

Recorded during the 2018 harvest season, Jeff discusses the winemaker's life during this critical time, as well as his unlikely path from a job on a Caribbean cruise ship to a career in California wine. We learn that he and Yves Cuilleron might be perfectionists on par with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and that Marsanne is the only wine as mesmerizing and electrifying as Amy Winehouse's singular voice. Also, since life is short, Jeff doesn't think you should wait to drink your good wine. Don't worry, they'll make more.