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WINYL, hosted by former Rolling Stone staff writer and New York Times Bestselling author Anthony Bozza, explores the crossroads where wine meets music. In each episode, Anthony pairs his guest's favorite record with wine, resulting in an offbeat, educational, in-depth interview. Anthony also checks in with esteemed wine expert Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange ( to get his take on the episode's pairing. Whether his guest is a musician, chef, winemaker, comedian, actor, sommelier, writer, athlete or fellow podcaster, every voice you'll hear on WINYL shares a passion for wine, music and their chosen path in life.

Apr 28, 2019

Teri Genderbender, the creative force behind the art-punk band Le Butcherettes stops by to sip some 2015 Domaine du Gour de Chaule Gigondas and discuss The Talking Heads, Fear of Music (1979).

Teri talks about her father's influence on her musical journey, why she listens to this album nearly every day and how she used severed pig's heads to address gender politics.

Kyle Meyer loves Gigondas and David Byrne. And he should!