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Hosted by former Rolling Stone staff writer and New York Times Bestselling author Anthony Bozza, Winyl is where wine meets music. In each episode, a life-changing record chosen by our guest is paired with a wine chosen by our host. Offbeat, educational, and candid, Winyl is wine and music education wrapped in offbeat, witty, and illuminating banter. Recorded live in our studio inside Sauced wine bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Winyl features guests involved in the arts or food and beverage world, all of whom share our passion for music, wine, and creativity.

Jan 14, 2019

Drum n' bass DJ Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) joins Anthony to discuss British shoegaze band Slowdive's masterpiece, Souvlaki while sipping Inconnu Wines' 2017 Lalalou Cabernet Franc and Julian Haart's 2017 1000L Riesling.

Winyl wine expert Kyle Meyer weighs in on the transcendence of Slowdive's new (2017) album and Julian Haart's wunderkind career. 

Dieselboy justifiably gripes about the art of DJing in modern times, then goes deep into a cave while discussing Dungeons and Dragons and Death Saves, a sci-fi/fantasy streetwear brand he created with actor Joe Manganiello.